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This document describes (in brief) how to edit pages on GameLore. GameLore is a Semantic wiki, meaning that the links between pages have additional semantic information that allow automated processes to access or manipulate the information on this wiki. Following this style guide will allow you to help provide information while avoiding

Content BoundsEdit

There are games about EVERYTHING. So what should go in this wiki?

The general rule of thumb is that settings that are based on other media, such as TV shows, books, or movies, should not be in this wiki. Settings based on media generally have a different "style" than a game-based setting. Therefore, information about Star Wars games, Game of Thrones, anime series, and so forth do not belong here.

Likewise, games without a significant setting should be avoided. To have a significant setting, the game designers must spend some effort developing a backstory. If the game is set on Earth, there must be some noted difference - existence of magic, aliens, or something similar.

Of course, there are some exceptions:

  • Games that are games within a TV show are allowed. For instance, the duel creatures in Yu-Gi-Oh are fine, but the human characters do not belong. Likewise, the Mystic Warlords of Ka'a game, originally appearing on Big Bang Theory, is fine.
  • The Cthulhu mythos, though it originally appeared in Lovecraft's original horror tales, has evolved into a modern myth. It has appeared in numerous games, even when it doesn't form the center of the game. Therefore, elements of the Cthulhu mythos are allowed.
  • Games released as part of a suite of products, where the game(s) are the most relevant element, are allowed - even if a show preceded the game by a few months. We want to distinguish between a game adaption of a show (which should not be here) and a game/show combination that were developed in combination (which should be). For instance, the dot-Hack game series is acceptable, even though the anime series appeared two months before the game.


ALL content pages (that is, pages that are about in-game information) must use one of several templates. These templates make it easier for the wiki to perform queries, which generate the tables you may see on various pages (in addition to other things).

Do not create pages with the Visual Editor, or create pages with "loose" text.

Use of FormsEdit

When you want to create a page, determine which category it should belong to. You can review the full Category Tree to help you determine the proper category.

Each form has a number of fields. Review the Help page for the form to determine what each field means, and what types of entries are valid


Do not add categories to your page using the normal wiki markup. The categories are included within the templates, and will be automatically added.

In the GameLore wiki, categories are not as much markers or keywords as classifications of things.

Artwork and other FilesEdit

Artwork should have an artist associated with it. The largest dimension of any artwork should be at least 400 pixels. Avoid images with text overlays.

Artwork should ONLY include official art. No fan art.

Other types of image files are limited to the following:

  • Symbols for organizations. These should be PNG format, with transparency where appropriate. The symbol should be at least 250x250 pixels, and it should be named exactly the same as the organization it represents, with a ".png" extension. So the symbol for the organization "Big Bad Brothers" should be "Big Bad Brothers.png"

Links to Other SitesEdit

LInks to other sites should be minimal, and only to refer to pages that delve deeper onto the mmain page. Each setting or world can include a link to another wiki, which would be devoted to that particular game, game world or setting.

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