Before exploding into the sprawling industrial city-state we know it as today, Clockman was originally a mining outpost located in the harsh territory of northwestern Malapropea. The name Clockman comes from Foreman Pete, a towering clockwork statue that loomed over the mines. Driven by the mighty furnaces that powered the engines of the mines, Pete would mark the hours with his arms, literally blowing his top in a pyrotechnic display of steam and flame to call the miners to work. So the name is literal: clock man. Foreman Pete is now buried under layers of industrial growth and overshadowed by the city named for him, but lives on as an icon of progress and industry. Ironically, most of the inhabitants of Clockman have never laid eyes on their city’s namesake.

It is a forgotten relic of a buried past.

Remains of Foreman Pete, the Clock Man

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