They're luffing, the fools. Open fire. - Admiral Orduno (Slow Tack)

The Castillians say that the man with many enemies and no allies is the most dangerous man.

The world must learn that though we are bloodied, we can never be beaten. - Enrique Orduno (Castille Pride)

Sometimes, the velvet glove is preferable to the iron fist. - Enrique Orduno (Uprising!)

Watch, my friends. Watch and see how a Castillian dies. - Enrique Orduno (Taking the Hit)

Orduno has broken our blockade, but we still hold the River and we intend to keep it. - Amiral Valoix-Praisse (Barcino Fortress)

Orduno watched as the Grace approached. They are honorable foes, he muttered. How can their captain betray them like this? (Awaiting the Signal)

Your crew is abandoning you. Why should you shield them further? All you need is turn them over to General Orduno, and the Church will provide ample compensation... (Out of Action)

I watch the shore so that Orduno may watch the sea. The Montaigne invasion cannot be overturned by ships alone. (Rita del Zepeda)

Captain Orduno, you have allowed a sacred religious treasure to fall into the hands of the Crimson Rogers. Do not fail me again. - Esteban Verdugo (Cross of Virtue)

The General will signal you with a single shot, Orduno. Then you may board at leisure and do what you will to the crew. (Inquisitor Bascalle)

Everyone thought Admiral Valoix would try to reestablish the Montaigne blockade. No one imagined he would strike at free Castille - no one except Orduno (Battle of San Felipe)

Tell King Sandoval that the Montaigne blockade is no more. - Admiral Orduno (Offensive Maneuvers)

Cool Castilian Blood

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