One of the most fearless leaders in the history of Earth. Only second to Saul Hernandez of Simon Christiansen's favorite military leaders, he has always done what he felt was right in order to protect his government and bring peace to his world. Elias was severely injured during a battle with a Mega-Corp fleet and lost his left eye. It was replaced with a ruby-red orb that allows him to see at night and give him a telescopic view as well. Elias' biggest problem is that he continues to ignore direct orders from superiors when he feels that he is right. This has led him to several demotions. Several months after the discovery of the Firestorm, his daughter Madeline disappeared. Elias has sworn that aliens had taken his daughter and wants to lead a space exploration mission after the current crisis with the Muero is over (needless to say, this thinking has led to awkward feelings within his ranks).

We need to stall them with hit and run tactics to give our people time to develop better weapons. - Elias Lowry (Resourceful Planning)

Saul, I want you to lead a secondary fleet that will be stationed at Mars. Elias is a great warrior, but you're a great leader. - Simon Christiansen (Take Charge)

Just waive it around and you're more likely to get results. - Elias Lowry (Cut the Red Tape)

All ship fire. Let's see how one of their ships handles the firepower from 10 of our ships! - Elias Lowry (Mass Aggression)

I guess those elite fighters of theirs aren't so elite after all if a giant space rock can take it down. - Elias Lowry (Freak Asteroid)

To hell with orders, ram that big son of a bitch!

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