Not a single part of David Dangers hasn’t been tattooed pierced, and modified at least twice, except for his face which he keeps clean for the ladies. David lives on the razor’s edge and has an infecting craziness that skirts the line between quirky and insane. Fun to be around and watch in a match, Freakshow is a likable favorite and the current Ophidian Wars Champion.

David recently learned that his stepsister, Alice Jenks has entered Ophidian. Although he enjoys fighting, he knows about the darker elements within Ophidian and worries they will use his relationship with her as a bargaining tool to control them both. He will risk anything to break her from her contract and save her from harm.

The last season Freakshow becomed part of Team Uncanny alongside with Ryla, P.K. and Striking Dragon and won the Ophidian Teams Championship. He might have won the gold but he lost his sister to the snakes and worst he had lost the love of Liana.

But Freakshow is no man to give up, and he had promissed himself that he will gain his life back, no matter what. He know that he can do it, as long as he stops thinking in himself first and more in the other that are alongside him. Cane he do it? Only time will tell.

Freakshow comes from Solop Avagar in the Justich System.

The more you bruise me, the more angry I get! --Freakshow (Joint Lock)

Plug him in-NOW! --Freakshow, David Dangers (Siphon)

Freakshow hogs all the glory, breaks all the rules, and wows all the women damn I hate him. --Simon Bantus, Fish

Vitality is more enduring than tranquility. --Freakshow (Guardian Aura)

"What are all these tramps doing here? They should know that Freakshow wants me the most, and I'm not sharing!" (Groupies)

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Mystic
  2. Cybernetics

Freakshow, Questing Force

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