Espera used to tell me that it gleamed like the fire in his heart. So I broke his leg. -Dalia (Silver Earring) you still love me, Espera...? He guides the Strange Skies on her course, chained to the wheel like a dog. But Dalia's dancing keeps him captive as no shackle can. (Espera) He was so busy ogling her, he didn't notice the daggers in her hands until they slid into his stomach. - Espera The blades met, sending sparks into the air. My turn now, Dalia smiled. (Riposte) Even an old man like Gosse still has a head to turn - so I can cut it off. - Dalia (Corsair Pride) Dalia spun with blinding speed, her knives flashing across the moonlight, but her frightful adversaries continued to advance... (Night of Horror)