Cray Phillips was a famous Topka Gar player who was accused of using illegal Psi abilities (like mind-raids and delusions) on the playing field. His owners and managers suspended him for one year, but his fans still supported him and wanted to see him play. His manager suggested Cray should try Gladiator Combat.

Cray did and immediately gained a high rank thanks to his fan-base. In one of his matches, there was much controversy to his victory. Some say his opponent threw the match, others (like his fans) believe he won fair and square. Either way, there is some controversy to the validity of his 4VP rank.

Cray comes from Raba in the Justich System.

He did not even see it coming. --Cray Phillips, Psychic Mutant (Whiplash) His mutated psychic abilities are amplified through his admantium-plated hood.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Psi
  2. Cybernetics

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