Coraab is a middle-sized dumpworld, located on the border of central regions Cor'Og and Iontachor.

For many cultures, Coraab is an important transit node and freight hub sitting on a notional border of opposite regions of Coraabia. These days, it serves as a permanent or temporary refuge for hundreds of millions of creatures from all corners of the multiverse.

The planet itself formed naturally in times immemorial. It has a solid surface and red-hot inner core. Coraab revolves around Unaar, an orange giant-sized star. Coraab's planetary system consists of seven planets. Two of them, Coraab and Reddan We'Rd, are currently permanently inhabited.

At the beginning of times, the remote planet Coraab stood aside of important historical events. Still, it was a fascinating world with rich and colorful past. Local primitive civilization was prospering undisturbed for long millenia. Suddenly, its peaceful existence was shattered by an unexpected visit from the outside world.

The Creation of the Great Dump

One day, gigantic spaceships descended from the sky and polluted Coraab's surface with billions of tons of trash. As the influx of garbage saw no end, the fragile ecosystem of the planet crumbled. Native Coraabians were unable to adapt to these drastic changes and their entire culture went extinct. This event became known in Coraabian history as The Arrival of Dumpers. For the following thousands of years, Coraab was one giant scrapyard, a smelly dump for hyperdeveloped cultures.

The Period of Unliving States

Together with countless amount of trash, organic "remains" were also brought to Coraab. Inefficient, faulty or useless servants of ancient civilizations gradually found their way to the surface of the planet. After centuries of struggle for survival in the extreme climate of the Dump, one race emerged as dominant - the Unliving, who formed vast states and empires on Coraab. The planet got a second breath. The pollution was dispersing, the first rays of light found their way through the toxic clouds. A new age arrived.

The Arrival of Miners

The planetary Dump had gradually become overgrown but its immense mineral riches as well as rare artifacts hidden deep within were too much of a lure for the nomadic Miners, who landed on Coraab with visions of easy profit. Their arrival was soon met with resistance from the local Unliving tribes. The Miners reacted with excessive force, using weapons of mass destruction and interning millions of Unliving slaves in mining colonies. While the Miners and the Unliving eventually ceased mutual hostilites and became equals, their delicate coexistence is still endangered by shared disdain for each other.

Current Coraab

Time flies by and the uninviting dumpworld welcomes more and more exotic visitors. Though situated in the desolate central regions of the galaxy, Coraab has become a respected power on the transplanetary level as well as a trading hub and a unconventional tourist resort. Its civilization comprises cultures hailing from all corners of the multiverse.

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