Earth ambassador to the Soven people. About four months before the Muero invasion, the Soven contacted Earth and attempted to warn them of a Muero military invasion, but refused to send ships to aide them in the battle with the Muero. Cassandra quickly became the ambassador to the Soven world. In a few short months, Cassandra has become a very influential diplomat with the both the Soven people and her own. Her lack of obvious progress in getting the Soven to support Earth has caused much friction between herself and Simon Christiansen. She has become very good friends with Aranaugh and Ran'har.

I sense that your life is in danger, Cassandra Sage. - Ran'har (Divine)

Saul, I have sent Cassandra Sage to the Soven homworld. You will be our temporary liason to the Dysori. - Simon Christiansen (Government Liason)

We need allies, that's why I'm sending you to the Soven homeworld. - Simon Christiansen

You're home is far more beautiful than anyone on my world could ever imagine. - Cassandra Sage, Ambassador to the Soven (Outbreak of Production)

Marcus, we will convince the Soven that their good friend Cassandra was killed by the Muero. - Andrew Masters (Passage to Mars)

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