The Fallen One dabbled in the darker arts and was responsible for a massacre in the Garina System. He was tricked by a powerful demonic force into betraying his own people by using powers beyond his control. From those powers, he opened a portal through which an army of demons spread forth, destroying an entire world. He now serves a life sentence in the Ophidian arenas. No live crowds are allowed near his home arena in Ophidian’s remote prison complex. He wages a constant battle against the evil that exists in his own soul.

When it's over, they will be nothing more then a pool of diluted blood. --Archan Singazer, The Fallen One (Accelerated Decay)

Look out! He's loose!... --Andrew, Keeper

First a gloppy layer of ooze masks your face, then their tentacles begin to burrow through your skull. --Archan Singazer, The Fallen One (Scrambler)

Responsible for heinous acts of cruelty and genocide, Singazer now pays for his crimes in the Ophidian arenas.

“I’ve manipulated the genetics of your skin to create a volatile surface of explosive pustules. No need to thank me.” -Archan Singazer

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Portal

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