Aranaugh is the leader of the ancient, powerful race of universal observers, the Orinn. The Orinn are seeded throughout the universe and have traveled trough the Firestorm in an effort to explore and colonize worlds. The Orinn have inhabited Y'mvalla for over 5000 years. Aranaugh is a warrior at heart and knows when the time for battle is at hand, but will only go to war as a last resort. He has formed a mutually agreeable friendship with the Soven, even after the initial meetings between the two races left many dead on both sides. His rival for power is Cerrian, who wishes to destroy all Soven and rule over the Orinn.

The Orinn leader and couselor to Miyal, when standing on four legs the top of his crown stands over 20 feet tall.

Special Abilities or Techniques

  1. Voicing

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