Here they come! Allende shouted. As the Montaigne crossed the breach, he could see the General on the far side - smiling at him. (Repel Boarders!) He mans the cannons on la Bucca. As long as he's there, the Brotherhood is safe. - Allende (Geno) with the word Prayer in the title from your hand to untack Fyodor. Theus' hand plucked us from the Hanged Man, my brothers. Now we must pluck Allende from whatever Abyss he has been cast into. (Fyodor Zastienchivy) He's still got contacts from his days as a prisoner. We couldn't have taken la Bucca without him. - Allende (Bjorn Brind) A fine wine before battle always tastes better, eh Allende? (Brotherhood Pride) Do you trust him? Allende asked. McCorley shook his head. I trust him to be the O'Bannon and nothing more. (Mad Jack O'Bannon) Captain Allende has been helpful to us in the past. Perhaps he can be helpful again. - Lady Ketheryna (Ussuran Intrigue) Just don't call him 'the Pirate King' and you'll get along just fine on this ship, lad. No sir, Captain Allende, sir. I don't mind the small quarters at all. More room here than in my cell back on the island, that's for certain. (Thom Brunner) Let them take it. We could never have repaired the ship if Gosse hadn't come along, For that, I'm willing to give up a little swag... - Allende (Calling in Favors) She remembers everything she sees, and she sees more than you can believe. - Allende (Delaina Darling) The Castillian blockade can spare a ship - and I need a fox-hound to drive Allende to me. - The General (Warship) Freedom comes with risk. - Allende (Danger on the High Seas) Looking for something? This is my cabin, so I can tell you where everything is. - Allende (I'll Be Taking That...) Delaina watched as the men swarmed up to the crows' nests. But Captain, she asked, what are we looking for? I don't know, Allende replied, but you'll know it when you see it. (Extra Watch) The Vodacce import it from the forbidden lands and sell it like gold. Of course, Reis never has a problem getting hold of that damned fire. -Allende (Crescent Fire) If you want to repair my ship, Gosse, the least I can do is let you rob me blind. - Allende (Please, Take Your Time)

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