The Alien trait describes those races that primarily form civilizations on other planets, or whose culture centers around space travel. It does not include races from fantasy settings unless their presence on a setting's main world is minimal.

Alien CreaturesEdit

AntarianSuper Nova Universe
AqaaranGalactic Empires Universe
ArgonianGalactic Empires Universe
BetelguesanAl Amarja
BolaarGalactic Empires Universe
ChatilianBattlelords Universe
CizerackBattlelords Universe
Dwarf (Psypher)Psypher Universe
DysoriFirestorm Universe
Elf (Psypher)Eden (Psypher)
GekonauakGalactic Empires Universe
Gore BruteStar Quest Universe
Gorgon HordeStar Quest Universe
IndiriganGalactic Empires Universe
J'xarGalactic Empires Universe
KergillianAl Amarja
KirryllSuper Nova Universe
KoolianSuper Nova Universe
LeopanGalactic Empires Universe
MartianSolar System (Rocketmen)
MateonMaple World
MazgarGalactic Empires Universe
MazianBattlelords Universe
MechadGalactic Empires Universe
MercurianSolar System (Rocketmen)
MueroFirestorm Universe
MutzachanBattlelords Universe
Octopus (Alien)Maple World
OrinnFirestorm Universe
P.E.T.Humaliens Universe
PabanOphidian Universe
Pakta'donGalactic Empires Universe
ParaloidGalactic Empires Universe
PhentariBattlelords Universe
PsycantiGalactic Empires Universe
Python LizardBattlelords Universe
Ram PythonBattlelords Universe
SaturnianSolar System (Rocketmen)
ScorpeadGalactic Empires Universe
Shon-tiGalactic Empires Universe
SovenFirestorm Universe
SovereignAethersteel Universe
Tarra'kiGalactic Empires Universe
TliskSuper Nova Universe
TranoanGalactic Empires Universe
TregleanGalactic Empires Universe
... further results

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