Air elementals are beings composed of air. They can appear as winds or whirlwinds, and are usually hard to see. They are among the fastest of elementals.

Noted Air Elementals

AkadiAir ElementalQueen of the Air
Lady of the Winds
Al'AkirAir Elementalthe WindlordWarcraft
Valhalla (Castle Age)Air ElementalCastle Age
Yan-C-BinAir ElementalPlanescape

Subtypes and Variants

Aerial ServantDungeons and Dragons Settings
Air ServantDominia
Blizzard ElementalColdDominia
Cyclone SireZendikar
Mist ElementalRavenloft
Mjorn Air ElementalTowers in Time
Thundercloud ElementalDominia
Updraft ElementalTarkir
Vortex (Warcraft)Warcraft

Greater Air Elemental

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